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Today as never before, the International refrigerated transport sector demands punctuality and attention to the most recent standards and regulations.

S.A.M. LOGISTIC - Automezzi

Being able to rely on professionals in the sector capable of meeting any need with complete assurance becomes a vital factor for success.

S.A.M. LOGISTIC has been synonymous with professionalism and competence in the sector for more than 15 years. Great Britain, Luxembourg, Belgium and Holland are the main areas served but the Group is enjoying strong drive towards the internationalization of its service in order to satisfy the needs of a growing and well-informed clientele.

Our own fully trained and constantly updated personnel, as well as the exclusive use of company-owned vehicles, are essential aspects for ensuring control over goods from departure trough to delivery.

When direct delivery using our own vehicles is not possible, S.A.M. LOGISTIC relies on trusted local distributors and collaborators in order to ensure fast and efficient completion of the order.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information or for rates.